Saturday, November 6, 2010

Epic Short Film!

Check out this amazing short film I saw off of vimeo!

Your Lucky Day from Dan on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Attitude is altitude

I accidentally stumbled on a bookmark to Nick Vujicic's "Attitude is altitude" youtube video. I think we all have moments in our life that we feel overwhelmed with pressure from our friends/work/relationships/family/life. I think this video helps find inspiration in tough times. I hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday and remember to keep your head up!


Friday, July 9, 2010

3D or not to 3D, that is the question!?

Welcome back interneetsss. In your absence, you were missed. Now you have returned, though, things they are alright. Let us begin living again.

I actually got internet back on Wensday but I've been too busy to post till today! The thing I kinda want to talk about today is the arrival of 3D to the theaters and my feelings about it all. I'll go into more detail about the animation in a later post. Some friends want to see the upcoming animation Despicable Me and while deciding on weather to see it in 3D, I had to check up reviews to see if it's worth it. But what to you is "worth it".

What counts to a good 3D movie and why does that count for that? I, myself, have only seen two 3D movies. They are Alice in Wonderland and Clash of the Titans. Ever since watching Clash of the Titans, I have vowed that I would not fall for the 3D hype once again. Which gives why I looked up reviews on seeing Despicable Me in 3D. I remember walking out the theater with a nasty feeling of wasted money all night long! It wasn't the greatest movie in the world but since they added 3D after the movie was shot, it ended up using 3D in like a couple scenes throughout the WHOLE movie!

My question to you is how do you justify spending the extra price of 3+ dollars (or what ever it is by you) to see these movies in 3D? Do you expect the same quality as in the movie "Avatar" or do you enjoy having subtle effects added to it (kinda like Alice in Wonderland)? Do any of the recent movies reached your expectation in 3D (Toy Story 3? Etc.) You can either comment on here or send me a tweet ( ) or even send me an email ( )

I hope to hear from you!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lot of stuff on my mind

Hey everyone! I know I haven't been on this blog in a while but I've been very busy! I think I've got an appetite for little blogs here and there again so expect a little more! I have a little short film I'm working on for my reel. My hopes is that future companies can see my work and see that I can do the job needed! I think I'm going to blog about the deets during my process of my short film.

I already have a story board I drew up and the character designs for the two main characters are almost done. One of the characters is based off my friend who I don't see much of. It always makes me laugh seeing his image on the character I'm drawing and it reminds of me good times. Cassie... oh well, back to sketching away, I'm going into production as soon as I can finish up the clothes of the characters and how the office is going to be set up. WHooops, I let out a little detail there.

See you around Internets!


Monday, March 29, 2010

Max Graphics Presents: A Milwaukee Lakefront Commercial

Hey everyone! I'd like to show off a project that I've been working on. The group calls themselves "Max Graphics" and here is our most recent piece of work! Comment and subscribe!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hey there Internets, long time no see. I want to get right into this so let's begin.

I was actually blown away that Scott Shelby was the killer because I thought the developers said that none of the characters is the killer. When I started putting the pieces back together, I was like "THE EFFF!?". If I were to rate the game, I would have to say it is a "Must Play"! Ya, I don't think putting a number rating on it justifies how amazing the game is. Ya, sure, it has ton of plot holes but I haven't played anything like this before (I never got my hands on Indigo Prophecy). The way the game deals with tension is some of the most interesting things to come to games. Also, I would have to say that some scenes really strike some emotion in you (i.e. when Ethan blacks out and is running around to find his son).

So, I would have to say the game's graphics and animation areas are outstanding. You can really tell how much detail they put into this game! The voice acting got a little annoying time to time(the kids in this game feel emotionless when they speak/show emotion).

I often found myself taking a break from the game just because of how tense/nerve racking some of the events were. It was really tiring (in a good way) when you were always on the edge of your seat trying to press the right button combination. But on the other hand, I was always wanting to find more clues on who is the origami killer.

The one other thing I wanted to say is how I liked replaying the game and carefully listening/watching Scott Shelby's emotions and thoughts. I think I spent a lot of time at Game Faqs reading everyone's speculations on Scott's character. It was then I realized how much I actually cared about the character. I made all my actions with this character in a positive way. I saved the store clerk, saved the mom, saved Kramer, saved Lauren and here I go finding out he was the killer the whole time. Now, this may be different with everyone else (that's why this game is soo great) but that's how I just felt.

Now for some plot holes that have been mentioned on the internet. The first one is that the game never really tells you how/why Ethan mars blacks out and finds origami figures in his hand. The next thing that really irritated me was that the game never really tells you why the reporter gives the look she gives when Anne Shepard tells her that the origami killer is Scott Shelby? There are some more plots holes but those are the ones that really stuck to me.

Overall, go try out this game!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

@insomniacgames tweets!

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